Third at First Concert series 10/20/14

October 19, 2014

We started the new concert series “Third at First” at FUMC Pasadena, California. As you see from the naming each concert will be presented every month on the Third Saturday at 4pm at First United Methodist Church in Pasadena, except March and May. We had the first concert performed by an exceptional organist, Ty Woodward on October 18. His organ playing was an eye-opening to us. His tone was so colorful, imaginative, and creative! I will be on the next concert, Saturday November 15 at 4pm. The theme will be “Clara Schumann and her contribution in 19th Century Music” and the program will include Robert Schumann’s Piano Quintet (Jin-Shan Dai and Johnny Lee, violins, Michael Larco, viola, and David Garrett, cello), Robert Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro for cello and piano, Mendelssohn’s Cello Sonata, and Clara’s solo piano work “Scherzo”. Clara Schumann is my ongoing project, and I am so excited to play this concert. Please go to the below site for the details of this new concert series. (My solo recital at Occidental College on the same theme will be on Monday November 10 at 12:45pm in Bird Studio.) Please come to the concerts!


2014 October Our New Concert series "Third at First"! Please go to my blogs.






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