A Movie “Jurassic World” 6/28/15

June 28, 2015

I remember how exciting to see the 1st Jurassic Park movie. The dinosaurs looked so amazing, and the story was fantastic. Also the casting was natural and convincing. I think this new “Jurassic World” was made to reminiscence to the 1st one. In my opinion the casting is so predictable and stereo type.  For instance the younger brother is so typical, naive, cute and innocent contrast to his older brother who is totally teen-age, acting badly and constantly looking at girls. Their aunt, who is the director of Jurassic Park, is a tough business woman, and she does not care anything besides money. Most of characters in this movie are like those. The story is also very predictable. One thing I like is that those dinosaurs still look amazing. Without the big success of the 1st one this sequel can’t be existed. It is a fun summer movie.

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