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My Many Years Arthur Rubinstein Alfred A . Knopf 1/9/2014

January 9, 2014

First of all this book is the size of an encyclopedia, and I won’t be able to finish for a long time. I have been reading since Christmas, but I still on page. 173… It is an entertaining book! Rubinstein was another piano giant from 20c, and often compared with Horowitz. They were so different! It is amazing to read, if it is all true (!), he had so many relationship with ladies! He was truly a lady man. He was lucky to live in a good time… Also it is very impressive and interesting to learn about his close relationship with composers who wrote pieces for Rubinstein. He loved fancy life, women, good food, night life, gambling, nice clothing.. His humor and wit is evident, and he is a happy man! I will continue his journey wherever he goes.

Remembering Horowitz: 125 Pianists Recall a Legend David Dubal Schirmer Book 1/9/2014

January 9, 2014

This book has been in my list to read for several years and finally I had a chance to read during this past Christmas break! He is HOROWITZ!! Of course all of us grew up listening Horowitz, and explored his special sound. I was curious to hear the voices from many first class pianists about Horowitz, and they satisfied me in many aspects of his life. Some studied with Horowitz, and have seen his private life closely. Some heard him only from his concerts, and got great impression.  Most of them are positive, but some are negative toward him. There are so many anecdotes we enjoy in this book! My story with Horowitz is that I had a chance to play on his famous piano when it was circulating after he passed away. I still remember I was nervous and excited to touch and feel his special piano, and tried to hear his sound. He will live in his legacy forever.

Arrau on Music and Performance Joseph Horowitz Dover 1/9/2014

January 9, 2014

Over the Christmas break I read several interesting books on piano giants. This is one of them. Of course Claudio Arrau was one of the legendary pianists from 20c, and left so many great recordings. I personally like his Beethoven recordings. He was rather a private person. His father passed away when he was very young, and his German teacher, Martin Krause, became his father figure. He was with him from the age of 8 until 15, and then Krause passed away. Afterwards he never had any other teacher. He lived with his mother until the age of 34 years when he got married, and his wife Ruth acted like his mother, did everything for him.  After the death of Ruth he decided not perform again, but finally he came back to be in public and was about the give a concert, but he became ill and died on June 6, 1991. This book includes the interviews on Piano Technique, Interpretations, His Life, and Composers, and it is very interesting to learn his opinions, intelligence, knowledge, passion… A great book!

The Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher (Second Edition)

October 2, 2013

I have owned this book for a while, and with my curious mind I opened it again. Yes, it is very interesting, and very useful for many aspects in piano teaching in all levels. Chapter 25: Great Pianists of Today has many first class pianists talking about their experience in piano lessons and performances. I found this chapter is fun to read! It is not easy to find a good repertoire for our students, and this book helps us to find them easily.

アスクレピオスの愛人   林真理子  新潮社

August 29, 2013


虚像の道化師  東野圭吾  文芸春秋

August 20, 2013


ウツボカズラの夢  乃南アサ   双葉社

August 13, 2013


ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟    東野圭吾 角川書店

August 5, 2013


相撲の秘密  新田一郎    朝日出版社

July 30, 2013

相撲ファンなら、必見の一冊!相撲の歴史から技の解説まで、分かりやすく、かつく面白く、相撲ファンの心をくすぐる。もちろん、名古屋場所の売店で購入したのであるけれど(相撲雑誌等も買う!)・・・・ 相撲に興味がなければ、価値は余りないかもしれないなあ。でも、こういう事だったのか、と納得出来る部分もあると思うので、相撲をテレビで見るチャンスのある貴方には、価値のある一冊になること、間違いなし。

結婚詐欺師  乃南アサ   幻冬舎

July 27, 2013