Concerts コンサート情報 & Adjudication コンクール審査

Date Concert Time Location
March 2, 2017 The Belrose Duo at Pierce College “ASO Concert” 1:00 PM PIerce College Performing Arts Center
March 4, 2017 Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliate Concert 1:00 PM Virginia Country Club
March 5, 2017 Benefit Recital for Pasadena Community Orchestra 2:30 PM Private Residence
March 18, 2017 An Adjudicator at Fine Arts Club of Pasadena 9:00 AM Pasadena Conservatory
April 23, 2017 LA Phil San Marino Affiliate Concert 6:00 PM
April 29, 2017 Piano Studio Recital at Occidental College 7:30 PM Bird Studio at Occidental College
May 11, 2017 Emeritus College Concert – The Belrose Duo 3:00 PM Emeritus Colloege at Santa Monica College
May 20, 2017 Piano Concert at 3rd@1st 4:00 PM FUMC Pasadena
June 7, 2017 Music at Noon The Belrose Duo 12:00 PM Pasadena Presbyterian Church
July 12, 2017 Music at Noon – Piano Concert 12:00 PM Pasadena Presbyterian Church
July 15, 2017 The Belrose Duo Concert at 3rd@1st concert series 4:00 PM FUMC Pasadena
August 1, 2017 Piano Concerts at Festivals in France Treignac, Chamberet, and more to come...

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Junko performs often for private concerts in Los Angeles area.