It has been so fortunate that I have gone to many countries and cities through my music making, and I have met so many wonderful people. That is my treasure! Most of South and Central America, France, Hong Kong, India, cities in U.S and Japan. My musical journey has taken me to so many places in the world. I started this website to make a bridge between you and I!

Unexpected COVID19 has forced all of musicians to take a break from touring and live performing. And we sill don’t know when we can come back to our usual lives. Even though we cannot gather to enjoy music together in the concert halls, art and beauty are more important than ever. I have done video recordings at home and I have been teaching my students on Zoom and other devices. To expand my teaching, in this July I started to share weekly video lessons in Japanese. I live about 5500 miles from Japan, but through video lessons, I don’t feel any distance! I have been getting a nice feed back from the viewers. Please check those videos in Video Section of this website.

I organized a virtual live concert on Saturday July 18, 2020, at 4pm. I am a coordinator of the monthly concert series “3rd@1st” in Pasadena, CA, and it was our final concert to conclude 2019-20 season. It was a wonderful occasion to get together with musicians and audience virtually. You can view this concert until the end of July. Please visit FUMC Pasadena’s Youtube page.

I am a president of Pasadena Chapter of CAPMT/MTNA, but the activities have been very limited in this pandemic time. We are trying to find a way to get connected and do more virtual events. I teach at Occidental College, but the school has already announced to be remote teaching for the fall semester as well. I hope all of students won’t lose their motivation. Finally, I am a sumo enthusiast and a founder of Sumo Fan Club in Los Angeles, but our occasional meeting at Izaka-y has to wait for a while.

I love books and am an official bookworm! This is a perfect activity in COVID19. I occasionally write book reviews in this website.

Thank you again for visiting my website! Please be safe and well. Let’s keep our hope.

Junko (7/19/20)




又、7月19日には、私が主催している月一のコンサートシリーズで、初のバーチャル・ライブコンサートを配信しました。これは、録画ではなく、ライブで演奏したため、見て下さる方々が同時にチャット参加出来、楽しい会になりました。このビデオは、FUMC, PasadenaのYoutubeチャンネルで、7月末までご覧になれます

その他、全米の音楽の先生の団体のロサンジェルス支部長もしていますが、これも、今はバーチャルのみのイベントになり、来年9月からの活動に向け、模索中です。教えている大学(Occidental College)も、御多分に洩れず、リモートレッスンとクラス。アメリカの新学年は8月の終わりに始まりますが、すでに来年もリモートが決定しています。生徒達が、学ぶ事への情熱を失わない事を願って止みません。そして、私が子供の頃より情熱をかけている大相撲。ここロサンジェルスで5年前に相撲愛好会を発足させましたが、これもいまは休眠状態です。